London College of Fashion: Which Spring 2011 Trend are YOU?

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1. Watercolor Garden.  You are a young, 23 year old woman.  It's a Saturday morning in early May, and you're taking your weekly stroll through Kensington Gardens, sipping on your Starbucks green tea. Lost in the rows of honeysuckle, your mind begins to wander to that curious man you met at your Wednesday night art class.  You feel free and whimsical, soft and sweet, and inspired by the shades of feminine florals around you.
2. Flowerbomb. You are 18 years old, in your first year of university, and a TOTAL social butterfly.  You and your girlfriends often spend Friday afternoons at Liberty and eating frozen yogurt with sprinkles at Snog.  You love getting all dolled up in playful posh clothes, but your innocence precedes it all.

3. Jackie O in Soho. You are 22 years old, working for an advertising agency near the Barbican.  You are edgy and creative, but you must emphasize your professionalism.  After work, you enjoy taking the tube to trendy bars in Soho with your colleagues.  You are competitive, classic, and lead an urban lifestyle.

4. Wild and Out. You are a 26 year old hair stylist who goes clubbing 5 nights a week.  Every bouncer knows your name, as does every sales associate at Topshop.  Approximately 50% of your clothing is clubwear.  You take pride in your wild reputation, and you deny the fact that you are pushing 30.
5. Picture Perfect on Easter Sunday. You have just turned 40 years old, and you’re starting to feel like your world is falling apart.  Your hair is gray, your children are becoming little brats, and your husband may or may not be cheating on you with his secretary.  Your perfectionism compels you to uphold a flawless image… at least to your ladies group at church who seem to “have it all.”

I presented these today in my course, Buying and Product Development in the UK.  
Which trend do you associate with most? Comment below!!!
Dylan Maureen

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