18 Tips on How to be "That" Couple

6:52:00 AM

We all know "that" couple.  Whether we envy their relationship or find it annoying, we all have an opinion.  If you know, are or aspire to be "that" couple, read on...
1. When riding the bus or other public transportation, sit on his lap, even if there are open seats.
2.  Make sure that 1 out of every 5 Facebook photos involve a self-taken photo of the two of you.
3. Call each other pet names that involve food, i.e. sugar, punkin, cupcake, muffin.
4. Go grocery shopping together at least 1x a week.
5. Stay in regularly to bake cupcakes, binge on ice cream, and watch movies together.
6. When you go shopping, pick out clothes for each other to try on.
7. When you talk about your future children, refer to them by their first names... because we all know you picked them out already.
8. Give him haircuts.
9.  When walking down the street, always hold hands, no matter how many people have to walk around you.
10. When at the cafeteria, sit on the same side of the table.  Spoon feed each other.
11. Study together even if you're not in the same classes.
12. Have entire romantic conversations via Facebook wall-to-wall so everyone can see.
13. Walk under the same umbrella, even if you each have your own.
14. Leave romantic video messages on his/her Facebook wall.  Make people feel awkward for watching them.
15. Piggy back rides around campus.  Enough said.
16. When you are apart and you get a text from them, smile and giggle so loud that people stare.
17. Have someone do a photo shoot of the two of you... at least twice a year... and devote entire Facebook albums to it.
18. When friends ask you what your weekend plans are, start your response with,"We..."

I hope you realize this isn't 100% serious :)

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