7 Reasons Why I'm Obsessed with EYEBROWS

4:47:00 PM

1. I always struggled to find sunglasses that would cover my furry caterpillars.
... Thank God Nicole Richie brought back the trend of oversized-shades.
2. I was always envious of my sister's maintenance-free, thin brows.  
... No, neither of us were adopted.
3. It's always fun to have a date-night that involves tweezers. 
... Check out how to "Give Your Man the Gift of Sexy Brows" here!
4. Lovely eyebrows can take you from an 8 to a 10.... and I'm NOT talking about your dress size ;)
5. I let my best friend pluck half of my eyebrows out in 5th grade.  
.... I looked perpetually surprised/worried for about 2 years.  Lesson learned. 
6. Eyebrows can slim your face, or make it appear bloated.  
... It's all about how long/short they are.
7. Perfect, burly brows can turn an Average Joe into a Greek god. 
... comment below if agree, or if you just think I'm crazy :)

Let me know if I missed any reasons why eyebrows are important! 
XOXO, Dylan

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