50 Things to Love about America

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Let me just say that 1) I do love London and I am happy to be here, and 2) This is just a list of things that Americans should remember to appreciate.  I will make a list about London when I return to the states.  It's always easier to pick out the things you love once you don't have them anymore

1. Guns  (I told you, this list is going to be interesting).

2. Christian radio stations

3. Dots and Twizzlers

4. Gas stations

5. Lakes within driving distance

6. Shopping malls

7. Driving in the summer with the windows down... or just driving-- period!

8. Dairy Queen

9. Fox News

10. Victoria's Secret

11.  America's top 100 countdown on Sunday mornings

12. Churches all over the place

13. Red Box DVDs

14. TARGET (This should be #1).

15. Private health insurance

16. Free public restrooms...and LOTS of them

17. Real pancakes, lumberjack style... not "crepes"

18. People who smile often

19. The 4th of July

Inexpensive Diet Coke

21. Jetskiing and water sports

22. Football

23. Snowmobiles

24. CoverGirl Cosmetics & Almay Cosmetics

25. Southern accents

26. Lawn mowers... and having a backyard to mow, for that matter

27. E! News

28. Soccer moms

29. Public garbage cans EVERYWHERE

30. JetPuff Marshmallows

31. Minivans 

32. Chocolate chips

33. Skippy "Chunky" Peanut Butter

34. Capitalism

35. Rooms big enough to twirl in.... 

36. Friendly service workers that make small talk

37. Refreshing, ice cold well water

38. Larger restaurant chairs, larger bathrooms, larger stores, larger everything

39. Strangers who say "God Bless You"

40. Singing in your car with the windows down and radio blasting

41. Stick deodorant (not roll-on)

42. Hot/Cold adjustments on the faucets so you don't have to go back/forth 

quickly between the spouts

43. Free re-fills of drinks

44. Traditional western values

45. The large variety of gum flavors

46. Seeing guys wearing baseball caps and sunglasses

47. How home and garden centers (i.e. Home Depot) smell steamy, floral, and 

dirty at the same time when they get in their spring plants

48. Fast-food drive through windows.... they're fun, right?

49. Our humongous grocery stores

50. Forever21 (last but not least)

Did I miss anything?



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