10 Tips on How to be a Classy Gypsy

4:25:00 PM

I'm on the move... within 1 month I will have lived in London, Virginia, Minnesota, and New York.  I don't have any roots.  Today, my dad told me that people who live out of their car usually pile up their clothes in the back.  Hey, at least I have suitcases.  Still, it's easy to feel scattered/unstable.  Here are some tips to feel more "held together" while you're living the gypsy life.
1. Accessible Beauty.  Keep all of your beauty products and shower products close together and easy to get to.  You never want to have to dig through your back seat to find a toothbrush.  
2.  Always lock your car door.  For me, I was driving around with a flat screen TV in my car for about 2 weeks.  I'd say I was a pretty good target for break-ins.  Luckily, I got that out of my car today.  
3. Never pack more than necessary.  When in London for 4 months, I only brought 1 pair of jeans, 8 tops,  3 skirts, 5 dresses, and 4 pairs of shoes.   And, no, I did not wear dirty clothes. 
4. When it rains it pours. Keep an umbrella easily accessible.
5.  Be the best guest. Offer to cook, clean, and take out the trash for whoever you stay with. 
6. Keep your favorite foods on hand.  They will help you feel more secure and stable, no matter where you are or whose couch you are sleeping on. 
7. Have a miniature closet. Always have a duffle bag with a few tops and bottoms that you can easily get to for a quick change of clothes. 
8. Always do your hair and make up.  You will feel more put-together instantly. 
9. Use nice bath soaps.  They will make you feel extra clean and in order.  
10. If all else fails, head to the nearest Hilton... 

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