REVIEW: Brazilian Keratin Treatment

10:11:00 AM

My hair was starting to feel unbearable.  After 4 months in London, I was starting to look like a homeless dog with matted fur.  My curls were tighter.  My hair was duller.  And I couldn't run my fingers through my hair like a princess..... it was time for an intervention.  
I accepted I was powerless over my hair.  I knew I needed help.  Rather than praying for a miracle, I turned to chemicals-- the Brazilian Keratin Treatment.  I have to say, while I was initially gratified, the chemicals left me empty and unfulfilled.  Let me walk you through the process...
1. I found the Brazilian Keratin Treatment & Cut deal on UK Groupon marked down from about $500 to $120.  I figured that a) a haircut back home would be $50, b) I need a trim badly, and c) I probably won't find a deal like this again.  
2. I arrive at the funky 3-chair salon in Brick Lane (London) to find myself facing a woman with red buzzed hair, tattoos on her body, and a cigarette in her hand.  Was this a sign?
3. Her 18 year old assistant proceeded to shampoo my hair 3 times.  She told me she wasn't supposed to condition it.  Alrighty then. 
4. I sit in the chair, and for the next 25 minutes, the red headed stylist blows my hair out like a poodle... without a brush.  Oh crap.  Who is this lady?  I then start to ask her how many treatments she has done, and how they have turned out.  
5. She disappears for 5 minutes and comes back with a petri dish full of black gunk.  The smell didn't really scare me, but it didn't seem like enough product to coat all of my hair.  I thought, "Great, she's scrimping on product, and it won't work."
6.  She applies the gunk to my hair in 1" sections, and after finishing my head, she gives me a few magazines to read while the chemicals soak in.  The fumes hit me.  Why do I keep imagining that my nose is bleeding?
7.   Thirty minutes later.... she blow dries and flat irons the chemicals into my hair.   So far, it looks like my normal hair.   Was this a rip off? 
8. My hair is all flat ironed, and she begins to trim it... but before she does, she says, "Well I think this looks pretty good,  I don't think we need to trim much at all."  Either a) she isn't seeing my split ends, or b) she is just trying to get me out of her chair so she can start on her next client.  I'm thinking a bit of both. 
9.  I insist that she at least trims 1/2" so that I don't need to get another haircut right away.  She complies.  
10. She runs some Moroccan oil through my ends, and I'm whisked out the door.  Fabulous.  
I was told that for 3 days I could not wash my hair, touch my hair, wear a ponytail, tuck my hair behind my ears, or even put sunglasses on top of my head.  I followed orders.   I even used the special sulfate-free shampoo that they advised me to use.  
For those first few days I got many compliments on my shiny, Pantene-commercial-worthy locks.  I even got called Kate Middleton a few times.  But... to my disappointment...  after the first time I washed my hair,  I realized there was no real difference.  
My hair looks and feels just like it did before the Keratin treatment.  For me, chemicals were not the answer.  Feel free to comment below with any comments or questions!

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