10 Tips on How to Wear a Floppy Hat

9:20:00 PM

I don't know about you, but when I was growing up, my dad would always crush an Easter bonnet on my big head and take photos of my sister and me while saying, "Oh, you're so cute!"  The impromptu photo shoot in the front yard of my aunt's house certainly left its mark.... I've never liked hats ever since. 
This summer, however, the bonnets are back-- in a more grown up, Jackie-O fashion.  We're taking a more 1970s approach, pairing the bonnets with wedge sandals, big sunglasses, and high waisted mom shorts like the ones in my post, "Is that a diaper?"...  
Here are some KEY outfits to wear a wide-brimmed floppy hat with...
1. Floppy hats are the perfect accessory for a trip to jail. 
2. Pair with large sunglasses, large earrings, and flash a corny peace sign.
3. Match your hat to your hair color for a"witchy" vibe. 
4. Pair your floppy hat with red lips and thick doll-like lashes for a luscious "come get me" look. 
5. Contrast your hat with your outfit (i.e. light hat & dark outfit or dark hat & light outfit) to make a stronger statement. 
6. Wear a hat while you tote your baby around... you will be the hottest mama around town.
7.  Floppy hat + Business suit = Mysteriously sexy businesswoman
8. Save your skin and your highlights with a floppy hat at the beach. 
9. Tie your favorite silk scarf around your hat in a bow for a personal touch. 
10.  And for the more daring ladies, well, balls to the walls!
Happy hat hunting!

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