12 Tips for Wearing a Denim Vest

7:29:00 PM

I've seen these all over London, and I have a feeling they're about to hit America soon-- like a denim tsunami.   Brace yourselves.  And remember: 
1. Cropped vests are less frumpy (bottom should come to your belly button).  
2. NEVER button up a denim vest-- think of it as a cardigan.
3. If you wear a vest over a tee make sure the vest is much larger than the tee.  We don't want to look like a stuffed sausage. 
4. Denim vests over sundresses are THE best way to wear vests in the summer.
5. Feeling like your strapless top/dress is a little skimpy?  Visiting the boyfriend's parents?  Going to church?  If so, you definitely qualify for wearing a vest. 
6. Kim Kardashian proves that denim vests can be sexy.  
7. If you are "well-endowed" make sure to get a vest without the breast pockets.  
8. The denim vest is the new lace/crochet vest.... in my opinion. 
9. In general, the wider the width of the vest on your shoulder, the more boxy you will look (See photo).  Go for a slimmer width that shows more skin. 
10. A vest should ALWAYS be worn over SOMETHING.  It is not a shirt...  I repeat, not a shirt.   (Just like leggings are not pants) 
11. If you're afraid of looking like a hick, then go for white denim-- it has a more of a modern, city vibe.
12. Never combine a denim vest with white tennis shoes..... Seinfeld anyone? 
Will YOU be trying this look?  Let me know!  I'm thinking about it for over some sundresses!

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