10 Dressing Tips from London College of Fashion, PR Expert, Beverly Alt

6:03:00 PM

I had the opportunity to take a Public Relations class with Beverly Alt, a women known in the industry for working with Pretty Polly, Bally, and Burberry.  She's done many projects for Vogue and numerous tabloids.  Beverly has also worked as a television fashion correspondent on BBC, Sky TV, and even Good Morning America.  Needless to say, this bubbly, brown-eyed Brit has it going on.  Here are 10 tips that Beverly gave us on presenting ourselves in the industry:  
1. Polish your shoes. 
2. Television adds 15 pounds.  (That's nice). 
3. Never wear things that are too tight, too short, or too low. 
4. Cleanliness is next to godliness.  Always have squeaky clean nails and hair.  
5. Media environments are more relaxed, but still look fresh and lively-- not "I found this in the dust bin."
6. Clothes must always be cleaned, pressed, and free of loose strings or missing buttons. 
7. Tension shows in your shoulders.  You lose your neck.  
8. City looks are more formal. 
9. Red = powerful. 
10. And lastly, my favorite quote from Miss Alt: 
"Never interview with your udders out... I think, 'woah!'"
Gotta love that lady.  I value her wisdom. 

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