Outfit of the Day: JCPenny!??

1:47:00 PM

Comment below if you avoid JCPenny.  
Bam, I think that just resonated with a lot of my readers.  
We often think of JCPenny as 1) outdated, 2) dingy, and 3) our mother's favorite store.  
But behind the 1970's brown & white storefront and sticky carpeting we can actually find a few *trendy* treasures.  That's right-- JCPenny is never too far off the mark when it comes to the season's trends.  You haven't seen them?   Here's the trick-- shop in the Misses sections.  Avoid the Juniors sections and the (old) Women's sections at all costs.   Another secret-- never pay full price for anything at JCPenny, because within 2 weeks it will be marked down by 40-75%.  Amazing.  Also note-- JCPenny always has more discounted inventory in small sizes (2-8) since most of their target market is between sizes 10-18.   
Check out this denim dress I got marked down from $72 to $17.99.  The removable belt came with it, and honestly, the belt alone could have been $17.99.  If you have brown hair or blue eyes, this dress would be stunning on you.  It's still in stores, so get it fast!
As for jewlery, I chose not to necklace because of the busy neckline, and I chose not to wear a bracelet in order to keep the focus on the belt.  Instead I went for some simple hoops from Forever21 ($2.80) to coordinate with my brushed-gold sandals.
Hope you like!  I might do more of these posts in the future.

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