New Haircut & New Home!

7:29:00 PM

Hey everyone!  If you read two posts down about my Haircut Inspiration, you knew I got a haircut on Friday.  If not, well, I got a haircut on Friday!  My big obsession right now is keeping the length.  So when the stylists asks, "What would you like to do today?" I always give her the same answer: "I definitely want to keep the length (*while raising my eyebrows and smiling*), but let's get rid of the split ends and thin it out a bit in the back (*while making a scrunched up face and pointing to the bush growing out of the back of my head*)."
Is it just me, or do you also give the same instructions every time you go to the hair salon??? The only change I made this time was getting side-swept bangs.  My boyfriend told me he thinks they're hot.  Call me a people-pleaser.  So here is the cut styled straight.  I will show how it looks curly later in the week.  Oh, and these pictures are inside my new room in my new house!!!!  It's not finished yet, but I will definitely post photos once I've finished Dyl-iffying it.

Comment below and tell me.... 1) Do you like my hair long or think I should try it short next time?  and 2) Do you always ask for the same haircut?
Kate (read post below)

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