Why Guys Like Girls in Baseball Caps

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I asked 10 guys what they had to say on the topic of girls & baseball caps.  Check them out, click their links, and hear what they have to say! 
"Eh, depends on the girl... Makes them look cocky/gangsta, and a lot of guys are into that." -Lars Dunaway, 21 
"I personally don't think girls in baseball caps is "that" attractive. It just sometimes looks too 'cutesy' for my taste. But I think it's a turn on for some guys because it screams, "that's my girl!" for some reason." -Paul Michell, 22, musician 
"I like that it's simple... I like when a girl doesn't try hard but still looks cute..." -Jonathan Krentz, 20, from the band, Maiden Dixie
"Baseball caps are sexy because it shows us that a girl is comfortable enough with us to dress comfortably" - Jesse Jordan, 21
"I couldn't tell ya... they really are [cute] though.  Maybe it's from music videos or cuz we like sports." -Peter Leighton, 23
"It shows many things...1) that they like sports, 2) its different so its attractive, 3) it makes them more approachable, 4) it makes them easier to relate to" -Keaton Kohler, 21
"Cause it's cute and sporty, and guys like sporty!" -Derek Zabel, 21
"I don't like it when girls obscure their faces with shades or hats.  Although bandanas are kind of sporty and nice." -Tommy Ward, 21
"...It goes along with the thing of wearing a boyfriend's clothes... but, in general I think the baseball hat usually has the connection to sports, and I think there is a natural attraction that a guy likes a girl that knows about sports...Also...when a girl wears a baseball hat, she is viewed as more laid back and real.  She isn't all dressed up and looking all fancy.  She seems more approachable and down to earth.  I believe that a girl can look gorgeous when she gets all dressed up, but I also think that she can look just as pretty when she isn't dressed up and is just relaxing.  And if she is wearing a hat she is most likely relaxing for the day. Haha, hope that helps." -Garret Shitlgen, 20

"Um, i don't know.  Maybe cause it looks sporty lol." -Luke Daninger, 21 
"Because they're cute. Boom. Roasted." -Karl Green, 21

There we have it, girls- straight from the source.  I think it's time to steal a hat from your dad/brother/boyfriend.  Don't you think so?
Which guy's advice is your favorite?  
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