6 Favorite Photos of Children

9:59:00 AM

This trendy little hipster child looks extra mature through layering, ballet flats, long [stringy] hair, tanned skin, and seemingly shaven legs. 
She's never too young to be a Jackie O in-training.
There is something about the Mary Jane shoes, sunglasses on top of the head, and securely crossed legs... aging her in the cutest way possible.  Her hands suggest she's debating whether to invest in a new tech stock.
This is a really fun angle to shoot children from.... boy that sounds bad, doesn't it?
Anyways, I'm a fan of her lashes. 
This babygirl was definitely the target of a makeup artist.  A little  lot of bronzer along with a highlight on the cheekbone/forehead give her that sunkissed glow.  How inappropriate, yet pretty. 
This is a girl after my mom's heart. She's got the denim shorts, the muddy shoes, and a "girls-can-do-anything" attitude to boot.  Next she'll be sluggin' a softball and shootin' coons in her backyard.  Atta girl.  

Don't you adore these cute lil' babes?
I sure do. 

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