Kate Middleton: Gorgeous in Green!

10:40:00 AM

I LOVE this picture of Kate Middleton, perhaps because it's a photo I haven't seen before!  Green is such a royal color in this brunette beauty, don't you think?  I'm posting this photo because tonight I got the most awkward Kate Middleton "look-alike" comment while at Chickfila... in the bathroom.  An older woman, about 65-70, outfitted in thick bifocals and a moomoo, came up to me at the sink and said in a raspy voice, "You look just like Duchess Catherine.  You have the same face, the same curly hair, and the same dark, bushy eyebrows (as she touched my forehead)."   Not sure how to respond, I smiled and replied with an, "Awh, thank you, ma'am."  Two years ago, if someone had called my eyebrows "bushy" I would have immediately reached for the tweezers.  
But tonight, this woman reminded me of something else, something deeper, 
that raw sincerity is rare and beautiful.
And for that, I will set the tweezers down. 

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