TREND: How to Wear Feather Extensions, 6 Tips

10:21:00 AM

We're moving PAST highlights, PAST fake ponytail-extension clips, and PAST extra-long [ratty] Paris Hilton extensions.  Feather extensions are taking flight and sweeping the headlines (well, not quite yet).  But, they are the #1 hair trend of the summer, but I predict their popularity will soar this fall.  Recently I have gotten quite a few emails about how to wear feather extensions.  Because let's face it-- they're a bit risky.  And I know you don't want to be looking like Big Bird.   Here are my tips.....
1.  Curly girls should get curly feather extensions.  Otherwise the extensions won't blend, and it will look like you have a straight piece of straw stuck in your hair.   Likewise, if you have straight hair choose straight feather extensions.
2. Choose a contrasting color.  We DON'T want to choose feathers that match our hair color.  From a glance it will either appear as if a) you have a damaged chunk of hair or b) you have gunk coating your hair.  Blondes should lean towards brown/gray feathers, and brunettes towards a lighter/darker shade of red or caramel. 
3. Stay away from the "snake" look.  Some of the speckled feathers look like snakes, so try to avoid these at all costs.  They will make you look straight-up demonic
3. Age DOES matter.  If you have a professional job or work in an office, I would absolutely avoid feather extensions.  If you work in fast food, certain retail stores, or waitressing, then you can likely pull off such a hair accessory.  Just to be safe, I would draw the line at age 22, or once you're a college graduate. 
4.  Location is key in how it's perceived..... if you place the extension on the outer layer of hair, towards the front, it will look more juvenile (see picture on left).  If you place the extension on the under layer of hair, towards the nape of your neck, it will look more understated and discrete (see picture on right).
5. Consider removable feather extensions.  If you're really unsure about getting the bonded extensions, then I would recommend going to your local Claire's or the Icing, and buying a simple clip-in extension. This will give you the ultimate flexibility, and it's likely much cheaper (*very cheap on Los Angeles Beauty Supply and the Hair Candy Store). 
6.  If you are "too old" for this trend, but still want to join in on the feathery fun, consider this-- feathery necklaces, earrings, headbands, purses, or wrist cuffs.  There are so many feather-adorned accessories right now that give a similar laid-back, boho vibe, WITHOUT the time commitment, $$ investment, and added risk of looking like one of those "old ladies trying too hard to be hip."  Check out Charlotte Russe, Love Culture, Heartbreaker, and Forever21 for these accessories. 
Hope this helps!

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