My 5 Personalities

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Call me a Schizo, but I think we all can admit to having different personas.  One day we feel like staying at home in our pajamas and watching Cupcake Wars.  The next day we feel like throwing on our hottest heels for ladies' night at Tonic Lounge.  No, I'm not poking fun at mental illness, nor am I promoting binge drinking.   I am simply highlighting that we all have different sides... good/bad/even worse/etc.  I also think that these different sides manifest in the type of music that we're "in the mood for" on a given day.  
Here are mine-- Lady D, the Performer, Sassy & Confident, Curly & Carefree, and the Humble Homebody. 

Lady D. This is the day when I'm either getting pumped up for a competition, a new adventure, or a simple trip to the gym.  I'm blasting the rap, wearing my sweatpants a little low on my hips, and poppin' that back to some Weezy.  If you text me on this day, you'll get a response like, "Ayo gangsta, what's good?"
The Performer. This is the day when I draw my energy from interactions with folks.  I say folks, because these people may be little children, or they may be old grannies.  The key is adaptation to the audience through stylized communication.  Geez, that sounds pretty fancy, huh?  These are the days when I have lots of "moments" with people where I know they feel like I connect and relate to them.  I call these days "shiny-eyes days," because I can tell people feel connected when their eyes start to sparkly and shine.  I often carry this persona when I work retail.  Just for kicks I threw in a video from dance team.  Excuse my boyfriend and his friend who are talking in the background.  Total guys, right?
Sassy & Confident. This is the day when you walk into the mall and make eye contact with fellow shoppers instead of looking at the ground.  You talk to the salespeople about their days instead of going through a robotic transaction. You throw a genuine compliment at the lady next to you in the fitting room.  After all, if her butt looks great in those jeans, someone ought to tell her!  Usually these are the days when I'll wear some strappy wedges and straight hair.
Curly & Carefree. This is when the hair is au naturale, the makeup is minimal, and the outfit consists of orange Soffee shorts and a hot pink bro-tank.  Yes, I realize that orange and pink clash terribly.  And yes, I did it on purpose.  Why?  Because today is a wild day.  It's a day when I care to be carefree.

Humble Homebody. 

These are the days when I'm drawn back to my roots-- my "Minnesota girl" upbringing.  It's when you look at the sky rather than the people around you.  It's when you encounter familiar, comforting smells like homemade bread or the smell of a horse being being shampoo-ed.  Yes, those smells are engrained into every hair in my nose.  On these days I live-stream my favorite Christian radio station, 98.5 KTIS, and remember the things that God has brought me through.

What are YOUR different personas?  I know I can't be the only highly-functioning Schizo out there.   Come on, lay it on me. 


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