The Sundress Slip Up: Buying a Slip 101

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Study this photo.  Do you see anything a little... off?  If you haven't noticed, her knickers are practically on display for all to see.  Why do retailers even sell dresses like this?  Well, 1) they look great on the hanger, and 2) in the summertime they sell as consistently as hotdogs at a baseball game. 

How do you know if your dress is see-through?  Stand in front of a light and have your friend tell you if she can see the outline of your thighs.  If it's a "yes".... then... oh, crap.  You might as well have worn a sheer curtain. 
What do you do if you have a closet full of see through dresses?  The damage has been done, babycakes.  It's time for a new beginning-- free of wardrobe malfunctions. Buy yourself a slip.  They sell them everywhere from Walmart to Nordstroms and from Target to TJMaxx.  On a budget?  I've even seen slips at the dollar store (Dollar Tree)!  
What color should you get, black/white/nude?  Here's a tip-- ALWAYS choose NUDE!  A white slip will be very bright & obvious if a breeze ever lifts up your hemline.  Not to mention, a white slip is noticeable under most colors-- the slip doesn't blend with your skin tone.  A nude slip is a safe bet, no matter what color your dress is. 
Leave a comment if you have seen (or worn) any see-through dresses this summer.  I've seen most of them for sale at Forever21-- whoopie big surprise, right?

Love, Dylan

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