10 Signs it's Midterms or Finals in College

1:40:00 AM

1.  The vending machines are empty, except for a few rolls of stale mints in the bottom row. 
2. Half of the library is wearing sweatpants.... and the other half seriously wishes they were. 
3.  Every night in Wawa feels like a Saturday night.  
4. You're in the shower and you can't remember if you're getting ready for class or going to bed. 
5. The number of bicycle and longboard wipeouts by the terrace increases by 25%.  
6.  You drive your car all the way to campus and realize you never even turned on the radio.   Your mind was that noisy. 
7.You have the 60 second rotation between your email, facebook, and blackboard down to muscle-memory. 
8. You anticipate the weekend like a child anticipates a trip to Disney World.
9. You forget to wear earrings for 5 days straight. 
10.Your mom calls you on a Sunday night, you tell her all the stuff you have to do, and she asks if you've been drinking. 


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