Fashionable Idea: Bringing Sexy Back(s) With Leotards

11:16:00 PM

I'm not one to have granny panty lines, so I may not go as far as to tuck a leotard into jeans (see bottom picture).  As a dancer and former gymnast, I know the result of this-- a bunchy butt.  You may as well try to squeeze an adult diaper into size 0 hip huggers. It doesn't work.  My advice: Leotards are better suited under skirts.  1) They're less likely to cause a bunchy butt, and 2) they create that beautiful ballerina-esque sillhouette.  Long or 3/4 sleeved leotards are perfect for winter.  Whether you're looking for an extreme scoop back or an intricate strappy design, there are many options on Discount Dance and Dancewear Solutions.

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