20 Ways to APPEAR More Interesting

6:01:00 PM

1. Get a tattoo (of anything other than a chinese symbol, a flower, or a butterfly).
2. Wear glasses.  Who cares if your vision is 20/20.  You'll be taken more seriously-- it's not a rumor.

3. Stack a bunch of eclectic bracelets and bangles on your arm.  You will look more worldly and well-traveled.  Who cares if you got them all from Forever21?
4. At the gym wear an ankle/wrist/knee support--- instantly athletic and tough.
5. Never order a Rum & Coke.   I'm told that a Rum & Diet Coke is even worse.
6. Wear everything in your closet 1x before you re-wear things.
7. Never divulge too much information.  Scenario: You get the text: "What are you up to today?"  Your response: "Well first I'm running to the grocery store because I ran out of milk, then I'm going to the gym, then I"ll shower, head over to campus, and meet with Maggie, Ben, John, and Amanda, oh, and Clayton might show up, and then we will change clothes and then maybe go out to Paul's Deli first and then the Green Leafe.  What about you?"  Ok, you just made your life seem extremely boring, AND this person now has the upper hand.  They will likely respond, "Oh, not sure yet, maybe I'll see you tonight."  Yes, you just effed that up.
8. Eat sushi.  Because let's face it, sushi says, "I'm cultured."
9. Wear your hair up at least once a week.  It transforms your bone structure. Instant facelift.
10. Go 1 day without make-up.  You'll definitely get more noticed.  Letting your guard down like this makes you instantly more "real" to acquaintances and classmates.
11.  When you're with people and need to take a phone call, step aside.  Not only is this simply polite, but it creates instant intrigue.  Who called you?  It must have been important.
12. Have a signature scent.  People will subconsciously think of you whenever they get a whiff of it.
13. Use a "face time" strategy when going out.  Stay at parties for an hour or less.  Casually bounce around to different groups-- but NOT rushing like late for an appointment.
14. Change your hair texture once a week (i.e. curly to straight or straight to curly).  Again, you'll get the double take and people will often think, "I wonder how long that took?"
15.Dress up for an interview when you don't actually have one.  It will probably intimidate the crap out of your colleagues.
16. Only update your Facebook status 1x a week, and make it WORTH IT (i.e. no song lyrics, or "what I ate for breakfast" statuses).
17. Hide your Facebook photos.  People will wonder.  Who cares what they're wondering-- at least they're wondering.
18. Put a sticker on your water bottle.  Suddenly you seem passionate about a cause.
19. If you babysit, take the kids grocery shopping.  You'll get that look, "Hmm, is she a teen mom?"  Bam. You're more interesting. Mission accomplished.
20. Two Words: Trader Joe's.

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