6 Things Your Water Bottle Says About You

7:19:00 AM

1. Nalgene... I'm a 90s child... and I ran cross-country in high school. But hey, I still think I'm an athlete. I am... right?
2. Nalgene covered in stickers... Look at me now.   Look at me now.  I'm a busy girl with a LIFE.  I have passions.  I have a purpose.  I care about breast cancer, puppies, and planting trees.  What's better?  No one is going to steal my beloved Nalgene because every time they look at it they will feel GUILTY.

3. Aluminum.... I'm a cutting-edge early adopter.  Damn straight I have an iPad.  and you better believe I have refrigerator water filters installed on the fridges in both my kitchen and garage. Who cares if it's not aesthetically pleasing to sip from a metal opening?  Or unscrew/screw in an annoying cap.  All that matters is the stainless steel, baby.  I may be drinking Crystal Light or I may be drinking straight Jack.  You'll never know. Makes me pretty intriguing, don't you think?
4. Plastic water bottle...  I'm conservative, I value conveience, and I don't really care about saving whales.  Come take a ride with me in my Hummer. 

5.  The adult baby-bottle... I am playful, innovative, and enjoy a lot of lip-action.  I don't drink water because I'm thirsty-- I drink when I'm bored, antsy, nervous, or anxious, too.   Maybe it's because my mother didn't breast feed me enough.  You'll also never find me without my gum and Chapstick.  
6.  The I.V. Bag.... I travel a lot.  I am "cool."   I buy things from infomercials and Sky Mall.  This innovative concept, modeled after plastic Capri Sun pouches, is pretty much a non-invasive IV.  What more could you ask for?!  (Back to reality-- these are more of a "what-the-hell" item that will never catch on.)

Which one are you?

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