What to get him for Christmas? Undies

10:36:00 PM

Disclaimer: This is going to be the most awkward blog post I've ever done, but I simply couldn't resist.    I was recently approached by the new luxury men's underwear line, jac5.  jac5 was founded by James A. Christopher (hence, jac5), who saw an opportunity to give men premium, modern, luxurious underwear... with a sense of humor.  Christopher also has 5 fun-loving Jack Russel Terriers.  He and a team of designers and marketers wanted to create "the best undies for man's best friend."  That's right.  Sip on that one for a bit.  jac5 knows that successful men know how to manage their assets, and [jac5] does too. I know what you're thinking... "Dylan is about to get awkwardddd."  But no, I just want to share my thoughts on these undies with ya'll.  
Reasons to Buy:
1) PERFECT Christmas gift.  These aren't exactly the undies his grandma gets him.
2) jac5 underwear is personal, but with a sense of humor-- not too serious, sexual or forward to get for, say, your brother.
3) Meet his needs.  jac5 gives men the attention to detail that they secretly desire.... premium fabric, flattering fit, and soft, laser cut waistbands.  
4) Screw the double standard.  Ladies, we all love our lacy Victoria's Secret numbers.  Shouldn't guys be able to have that same "I'm sexy, and I know it" experience?
5) 3 words: Fun, flexible, and free. It's not how it sounds. While the concept store is based in Hong Kong, you can order anytime, anywhere, online with free international shipping, fun packaging, and fast delivery!  
6) For every man.  jac5 has 3 collections to suit whatever guy you're buying for.  Here are my recommendations below.            
First, we have the "LOYAL" for your boyfriend, casual "friend" who wants loving, trustworthy undies on a daily basis.
Second we have the "BARKING MAD" for the fun-loving, social butterfly.... or your gay best friend!
Last, they offer the "SUPERSMART" for your businessman, boss, or professor... okay, maybe not. 
Christmas is fast approaching, ladies, so seriously consider checking these out.... the underwear I mean.  

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