5 Productive Things To Do This Weekend

7:19:00 PM

1. Read the newspaper, and if you don't have one, get 
a subscription to one.  Why?  Because a) it's like a present in your driveway every morning and b) you will get a fantastic return on the investment when you consider all of those "money saving coupons."  

2. Drive through a car wash and vacuum the inside out.  Why?  Because let's face it-- road salt is not good for your car.  You might as well drench it with nail polish remover.                                                                              

3. Smother your feet with lotion and wear socks to bed.  Why?  Because there is nothing more cringe-worthy than playing footsie with dry, cracked tortoise feet.                       

 Clean out and take inventory of your pantry.
 Tip: Don't buy groceries until you've used up all of the things in your pantry.  If certain things (i.e. pasta noodles) don't excite you, then look up recipes on Pinterest to find ways to use the things you have. 

5.  Find/steal/borrow a dog to hold.  I am house sitting for the owners of this adorable maltese mix, Darby.  I call her Darbs.  She is like a little toy, all snuggled on my legs while I type this.  Check out my cute little girl below.


Dylan & Darby

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