50 Signs You Have Found True Love

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1. Love doesn't rush you when you're doing your make up. 

2. Love sparks uncontrollable laughter about the most mundane facts of life.

3. Love kisses your forehead when you have a headache.
4. Love gives you a second chance when you snap.

5. Love believes that tomorrow will be better, stronger, happier.

6. Love is one thing that remains stable when life is throwing a million decisions at you.

7. Love doesn't mind that you forgot to shave your legs.

8. Love says you look beautiful when you wake up.

9. Love always opens the door.

10. Love leaves you surprise notes.
11. Love asks how you feel.

12. Love lets you win at the game.

13. Love makes you want to know everything about another's soul.

14. Love thinks ahead to meet your needs.

15. Love desires your heart more than your body.

16. Love cuts your sandwich in the shape of a heart.

17. Love learns about your passions, as if its one of their own.

18.  Love jumps your car for you when it doesn't start.

19. Love never keeps secrets-- it's always transparent.

20.  Love appreciates you in all of your forms as equally: happy/sad, strong/weak, made up/done down.

21. Love makes your life easier, not harder.

22.  Love says yes, not maybe.

23. Love doesn't flirt with another's trust.

24. Love supplies, it doesn't demand. (holla Econ101)

25. Love eliminates doubt, it doesn't create it.

26. Love meets you where you're at, it doesn't drag you around.

27. Love carries you over the puddle.

28. Love asks if you're too hot or too cold.

29. Love makes sure you get home safely.

30.  Love follows through.

31. Love is always a lady.

32.  Love is always a gentleman.

33. Love is not envious of a partner's success.
34. Love speaks softly and listens intently.

35. Love knows how to spark laughter.

36. Love breaks down self-consciousness.

37.  Love breaks down walls through vulnerable moments, it doesn't build walls.

38. Love watches chick flicks without complaining.

39. Love watches action movies with big guns and explosives and loud noises without complaining.

40.. Love looks happy in photos.

41. Love doesn't depend on the context.... whether out on the town or at relaxed home, it's vivid.

42.  Love never uses "If then's."

43. Love clouds your head with glitter, not dust.

44.  Love considers outcomes before it makes decisions.

45.  Love takes you "as-is" without negotiating.

46.  Love smiles with the entire face, not just the mouth.

47.  Love defends another's honor when it's at stake.

48. Love gives you the last piece of chewing gum.

49. Love creates security, not suspicion.

50. Love makes you feel valued and irreplaceable-- like a snowflake that cannot be replicated.

Love Love Love,

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