25 Signs a Guy is Too Into Himself

11:32:00 AM

Fact:  Some guys would simply rather talk to their own reflection.  
Ladies, the trick is to identify this before you commit.  There is [almost] nothing hotter than confidence, but remember-- there is a huge difference between self-esteem and self-inflation.  Here are 25 telltale signs you may be dealing with a narcissist.  

1. You know his favorite food, color, number, but does he know yours?  Um, no.
2. You know his schedule for the next month, but he doesn't even know what you are doing today.
3. He talks 90% of the time.  
4. He interrupts you if you do get the chance to talk. 
5. He didn't know what to get you for Christmas or your birthday.  If he was thoughtful he'd pay attention to the little things.  
6. He tells you he knows he is way better than your exes.
7. He talks about how often he "takes you on dates" when, in fact, he always expects you to drive him and pay for him.
8. He tells you that many people consider him a hero.
9. He uses his mood swings to get your attention.
10. Two words: Name dropping.
11. He tells you something about himself and then says, "Pretty cool, right?"
12. He tells you he is one of the *most humble* people he knows.  Oh my.
13. He tells you about all of the hot girls who want to be with him to show you that you are "lucky" to be with him. 
14. You know his entire family history, but he still isn't sure how many siblings you have. 
15. Courting a girl is a foreign concept to him.  He calls it "stupid."
16. He says you should feel blessed that he is letting you see the "real" him.
17. Something good happens?  Of course it's because of him.  Something bad happens?  It's the other guy's fault.
18. He tells you that a lot of girls are "intimidated" by his looks.
19. You notice he uses his friends.  So what? You're next, babygirl!
20. He always tells you to hold him.
21. You notice he doesn't have many guy friends. 
22. Facebook behavior: He adds dozens of "friends" at a time.  He talks about his accomplishments in every status.  He doesn't personally know over 50% of his "friends."
23.  He tells you what you couldn't have accomplished if it wasn't for him. 
24. He changes his plans multiple times a day and tell you about it, just for the attention. 
25. You finally get to tell him about your day and..... he starts texting.

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