10 Funny Observations This Week

2:13:00 PM

It is amazing how many funny things there are in this world that go unnoticed!  Isn't it funny that...

1. As soon as people set foot on a beach they tend to practice stunts or acrobatic tricks.

2. People like to jump in the air for pictures.  This seems to never get old.

3. If you text a person in the same room as you, you stare at them until they get it.

4. As soon as you become "Single" on Facebook people start apologizing and commenting, "Oh no, what happened?!" as if you will actually tell them over your status.

5. At the gym everyone stares but doesn't speak.   You can check people out, but you don't dare talk to them.

6. People respond to emails 2x as fast when you don't include exclamation points or emoticons.  It's like they take your tone more seriously.

7. After being asked, "How are you?" you respond, "Great, how are you?" and they don't respond.

8. Camping always sounds like a better idea than it is.  After two days you're like, "Okay, so now what?"

9. Every time someone tries to show you something on a computer, you tend to want to take over and show them something.

10. Short people always so "Omg, I'm so short!!!" but tall people never say "Omg, I'm so tall!"


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