Why Center Parts are More Common Among Celebrities vs. Everyone Else

8:25:00 PM

Parting your hair is something automatic.  Intuitive.  Habitual.  You probably have done it the same way for years.  Not many women treat their "part" as a hairstyle or trend to be changed on a regular basis.  In fact, women are more likely to change their hair color than their part.  Celebrities are a different story.  Celebs are used to being styled and changing their look on a regular basis.  This is why, if you have not noticed by now, celebrities seem to be the majority of women rocking the "center part."  They make it look natural and trendy.  Many of us, however, feel the center part is a flash back to our days of braces, Sketchers and "pancake butt" jeans--  either that or Ozzy Osbourne.  We like to say our face "isn't the right shape" for a center part and it's "not for us."  Yet we see celebrities with all sorts of face shapes "working the middle."  What's up with this!?
Comment below and with YOUR take on this.

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