10 Occasions that Call for a Bow Tie

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1. A college football game!  Fellas, I'm sure it's fun to paint your chest and wear a wig in your school colors.  But football games are a GREAT place to get your "class" on.  What do I mean?  Try wearing a button-down shirt and bow tie in your school colors.  And be prepared for lots of "sweet southern girls"will swoon.
2. Easter Sunday.  While church is not a "fashion show"I certainly think it's a great place to wear your "Sunday best."  I see Easter Sunday as a seasonal divider in the world of fashion.  Slip on the sandals, work those wedges, cover yourself in Easter egg pastels, and, men, bring out the BOW TIES!  
3.  Prom.  Guys, a bow-tie at prom boosts your "cute" factor by at least 3x.  Your date has put weeks of thought and effort into looking her best,  so she might be flattered if you ask her if you should wear a tie or a bow tie.  Girls love to give their input, whether you want it or not.
4.  Weddings.  It seems so many people are getting engaged and married recently!  Spring and summer weddings are my favorite.  Ladies, we get to wear our favorite girly sundresses.  Men, you get to (or shall I say have to) wear something other than basketball shorts and t-shirts.  I think a wedding is the PERFECT occasion for a bow tie.
5. Your OWN Wedding.  I think a bow tie is absolutely classic for your own wedding.  It photographs well and you visually set yourself apart from your groomsmen.  
6. Mothers Day.  On May 13, 2012 (mark your calendar) bring out your inner "mama's boy."  Humor her.  Love her.  Put on a bow tie and bring her a bouquet of flowers.  She will melt.... and then she will probably want to take a picture of you.
7. Horse Races.  If you've never been to a horse race, giddy up and get on that ASAP!  Horse races are not only great entertainment, but you'll have the chance to meet tons of great girls in pearls, Lilly Pullitzer dresses, and big obnoxious hats.  For such an occasion, a bow tie is encouraged.
8. Chippendale Costume.  Whether it's for Halloween or your part-time gig on the weekends, a bow tie would be very appropriate.
9.  Greek formal.  Bow ties are stereotypically "fratty" so why not rock them for "fratty" occasions?  Greek formal is the PERFECT time for you and your buddies to rock it-- here's an idea: get matching bow ties with all of your frat brothers with your fraternity letters on them!  Or get a set of a matching bow tie and a bow tie bracelet for your date!  She will love it.  And you'll have boughten yourself a second date!
10. Your birthday.  Do you ever notice how people usually dress a little different or spend a little more time on their hair when it's their birthday?  I love picking up on these little nuances.  Mostly, I love seeing people feel special and good about themselves.  A bow tie would honestly be the cherry on top of your "birthday boy" look. 

Now you might be wondering, where on earth do you find a legit bow tie?  Lucky for you, I have a legit source-- Dewy Dell! Dewy Dell is a fantastic local company that sells the cutest bow ties ever-- you can purchase them on the Dewy Dell Esty site and they will ship it right to you!  They are hand made and come in the cutest patterns.  The best part?  Ladies, soon you can get your own matching bow tie bracelet!   Then you can be "that couple" and look absolutely freaking adorable [See: How to be "That" Couple].   Emilee Nystrom is a student at Christopher Newport University, and she started Dewy Dell this year-- show some support and "Like" Dewy Dell on Facebook and hit up her Etsy site to get your own!  


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