10 Interviewing Tips from My Mom (Permission Obtained)

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Hi Dylan,
I liked the necklace blog! I have a friend named Beth at Al-anon who wears necklaces like those. She can pull it off really well. I will have to ask her where she buys them. I don't like the "feel" of something heavy on my neck...just like I don't like heavy earrings. I will have to pass on this trend. (And you are saying "MOOOMMMMmmmm, are you nuts? With your double chin chicken skin neck??!!)Don't worry Dillie, I will stick to my little dainty necklaces.

I was thinking about these job interviews I have been doing at the office.....maybe you could blog these for your readers?

10 things to avoid for your next job interview:

1. Limp handshake. Feels like a soggy wet sock.

2. Holes punched in your face (or tongue) filled with metal objects.

3. Cleavage....keep it totally covered, please!

4. Eyeliner that looks like wide-tipped black magic marker gone awry.

5. Self-tanning lotion. If the interviewer wrinkles up their nose and says "Wow, I am smelling a strange cross between roasted garlic and body odor" you know the DHA in your tanner reeks.

6. Spray tan. They are unlikely to want to hire an orange alien. Or they may worry you are in late-stage liver failure.

7. LOUD voice. Be careful not to broadcast your presence to the whole office. You can bet the other employees are probably eavesdropping on your interview, anyway.

8. Do you really need to check "yes" on "any past felonies?" Maybe they won't notice if you skip that question.

9. Poorly written resume: misspelled words, grammar errors, and descriptions of the skills you learned as a 13 yr. old babysitter.... there are no excuses for not having a good proof-reader.

10. And finally, kiss the job good-bye if you say "I really need to make some money."

These were all things that actually happened with the 10 people I just interviewed! Even the felon! (I was too scared to ask her what her crime had been).


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