5 Truths About Young Women and Sleepwear

6:20:00 PM

As I was looking through my "pajama drawer" I noticed the variety of options-- and I know I'm not alone.  We have the free t-shirts and high school hoodies for nights alone.  We have matchy matchy sets for when we need to look "extra cute."  We have a selection of Soffe shorts [in every color] that we claim are multipurpose-- for the gym and the bedroom.  And what about our Victoria's Secret PINK sweats?  What's that you say-- those are for class?? Not all pajamas are created equal.   I can guarantee women don't wear the same things to bed alone that they would wear in certain "other" situations, whether that be a sleepover or a cuddle sesh.  Ladies, deny it all you want, but we all know this is the truth. 

1. What you think you should wear for a "girls night in."
2. What you actually wear for a "girls' night in."
3. What your grandma hopes you will wear.

4. What you wear when he is over.
5.  What you wear to bed alone. 

"Love it" if this rings true.

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