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After spending the past 24 hours preparing hardcore for a presentation on Community Supported Fisheries for the Virginia Sea Grant, I needed to de-stress and de-nerdify.  What better way than online shopping?  I recently came across Tobi, and I absolutely love it.  They have unique, trendy, affordable pieces that will make all your friends ask, "Omg, WHERE did you get that top?"  Admit it, we all love that question.  Not to mention, all new arrivals are 30% off, and the fit is easier to estimate because the measurements of the models are listed by each item. P.S. Fellas, they have a great Men's Section!Check out some of my favorite pieces from Tobi!  

In Plain Sight Maxi Dress- $51 

Totally perfect for the beach.  The black one would be sexy-cute for evening!

Becky Ankle-Strap Sandals in Aqua- $22

Such a trendy take on "blue suede shoes."  These would be adorable with white shorts!  Also, these sandals are a great way to do color blocking if you pair them with sunny yellow or magenta pink.

Kayla Open Back Bandage Dress- $45

This lavender pastel bandage dress adds some innocence to the typical Kim Kardashian bandage dress.  The combination of purple and white is ultra springy, and the back is so unexpected and flirty.  I would definitely go with a nude shoe here to not overpower the delicacy of the color scheme.

Unzig Me Top in Red- $22

As you can see, these tops are super cute tucked into high waisted pants or shorts, but they also look decent untucked.  What's your preference?  I think this red top would look great with high waisted denim shorts or jeans, too!

Rock Candy Bib Necklace- $14

Bib necklaces are my favorite.  Why?  It's an effortless way to accessorize. You don't even need to think about earrings or bracelets.  I love this combo of gold and turquoise.  The coral and gold one is adorable, too.  Which color do you like better?

Pom Pom Scarf in Taupe- $17

How. Fun. But, let's be real.  This is one of those pieces you buy, and it ends up sitting in your closet for 3 years.

No Crossing Maxi Dress- $43

TALL GIRLS-- this is the PERFECT maxi dress for you.  You won't have to worry about that awkward look when a maxi dress is slightly, but obviously too short and looks like.... a mistake.  The high-low hemline is trendy, but not "out there."  The neckline and back is double-t hott, but not trashy.  The only problem?  Deciding which color.

Off Your Ruffles Dress- $56

This dress is literally a breath of minty fresh air.  My only concern is the length.   Shawtys, this one is for you!

Trading Stripes Blouse- $27

This top looks like something I would have found in my mom's closet 10 years ago.  Back then I probably would have sneakily hid it in the guest room closet like I did with all of her "ugly" clothes, but now I would totally want to "borrow" it.

Thanks for sticking with me, readers!  I am now DONE with college, so I can now focus more on YOU!  Expect videos and posts coming up on outfits of the day, the "guy-situation", graduation, post-college plans and MORE.  Also...
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