Graduating with Blessings

9:20:00 PM

No. More. College.  As you try to make it "hit you" you ask yourself so many questions.  What was I like freshman year on move-in day?  Am I really that different?  Who am I going to stay in touch with?  Will I ever see these people again?  What have I actually accomplished here besides my grades?

This past week I have been seeing glimpses of ways I have helped people during my time at William and Mary.  Here are a few little photos of unexpected surprises and blessings from my last week here.

My Her Campus team was so cute and gave me cards and gifts and a seriously yummy cupcake (thanks, Abbey) at our last night together.  What's Her Campus, you ask?  Check us out.  One girl, Harper, did a water color painting of a photo of me and wrote a precious message.  I am so blessed to have been able to lead such a great group.

Harper is in the middle, between the blondes.  Abbey, the cupcake queen, is the blonde to my left. 
Some of the Her Campus team I led this year. HCLove!

Today I got a package slip in my mailbox, and the cranky mail room lady comes out with a beautiful yellow rose.  My stomach kind of flipped, but then I read the message and it absolutely warmed my heart.  Totally unexpected.   Those girls are sweethearts.

Lastly, the 10 year old girl I nanny 3 days a week this year made me an adorable sign with my name on it.  This was the 2nd sign after misspelling my name on the 1st sign.  If a child has ever made you something, you understand how priceless it is, no matter how many spelling mistakes.   This one is definitely going on the door.
All of these sweet acts of kindness and appreciation have made me feel like I have actually helped people this year, whether its the 10 year old I nanny or the team of writers I lead at Her Campus.  There is no better feeling than hearing that you have, unknowingly, made a difference in someone's year.  For that, I am blessed.

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