15 Love Lessons Learned from "The Lucky One"

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1. Guys who are good team members are more likely to be good boyfriends.  If a guy's team members do not like or respect him, stay away.

2. If a guy is protective without being controlling--he is a keeper.  Usually those things are difficult to separate, but if a guy can separate them then you've found a real winner.

3.  If a guy doesn't run for cover if you cry, then he is REALLY a keeper.  Even better if he consoles you.

4. Guys: Black V-necks instantly double your hottness.

5.  A man of character should do things without always seeking credit.  It's the good deeds that guys do when no one is watching that say a lot about character.

6.  If a guy is interested in you he will make an effort to see you-- if he is not going out of his way to see you early on then forget about it once he has you committed.

7.  Beware of men with badges (i.e. cops or those with "societal" power).  Ask how they chose that career path.  Narcissists and insecure, power-hungry men with mommy-issues often seek out such positions of power.

8. Guys:  if your eyes are your best asset, then pretty please don't cover them up with Justin Bieber hair.

9.  Use eye contact as a test.  If a man/woman cannot make solid eye contact, you should be wary of everything they say.

10. Ladies, smile.  Smile when you're happy.  Smile when you're humored.  Smile when you're interested.  Smile when you're intrigued.  Smile when you appreciate someone.  Warmth is attractive, and a "cold face" is an instant repellant. 

11.  Look for a guy who can fix anything or at least thinks he can.  If a guy is incapable of fixing things or doesn't even attempt to fix things, let that be a warning.  He is not a man, and he will not take care of you.  JK.  But really.

12. Bond over animals.  For example, if a guy is uncomfortable around or scared of your dog-- this is a terrible sign.  This basically means that if a bear attacks you, you're on your own.

13.  A guy should not need to "have a few drinks" in order to be able to make you laugh.  He's either funny or he's not.

14.  What someone does in their free time is the REAL sign of their work ethic.   If he/she comes home from work and watches TV every night, all night until bedtime, then yikes.  This is not only a test of character, but also of compatibility. The same goes for women.

15.  If a man or woman always refuses to dance, it's a red flag.  You are dealing with egotism, self-confidence issues, insecurities, constraining fears, or all of the above.  It's like refusing to make a "funny face" or sing along with the radio.

If you have not seen this movie yet, you MUST.  Fyi: I would rate it better than "The Vow." 

Happy Friday!


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