Satisfy Your Puppy Craving

10:32:00 AM

Have you ever had a puppy craving?  I'm not talking about eating small dogs like they do in some Eastern cultures.  I'm talking about that good ol' American "I want a puppy" phase that most people combat during their young adulthood.  We are torn.  Oh look, it's so cuddly!  But, how am I supposed to housebreak it while starting a job? Who needs a man when you have a cuddly canine??!  Wait, does this mean I can't travel on weekends?  Yes, most of us want a puppy at some point, but somehow we.... or our parents... or our boyfriends... or our bank accounts.... talk ourselves out of it.  What's the solution?  Puppy porn.  

1. Look up pictures of puppies on Pinterest, We Heart It, and other random blogs.  

2. Obsess over these pictures. 

3.  Let the big "come-snuggle-with-me" eyes mesmerize you. 

4. Snuggle up with a soft, fur-like blanket while doing so.  

5. Let your imagination run wild with puppies!  Lots of puppies!  Happy, playful puppies!  

6. Then close your computer, go to bed, and sleep in as late as your heart desires because, well, it's not like you have a puppy to take outside in the morning.   

Life doesn't get any better.  Check out some of my favorite puppy porn below.   Disclaimer: I think pornography is a completely horrific thing that has infiltrated society, blurred the lines of love, and contributed to unrealistic expectations in relationships.   Alright, now on to the puppies.

Forgive me for loving itty bitty dogs.  It's my dream to own a Yorkie and name it "Bambi."  How cute, right?
I'd love to see you comment with your FAVORITE puppy or dream puppy situation (i.e. breed, gender, and its name). 


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