FAQ: The Girl Behind "All Dolled Up"

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Is your real name Dylan?
Yes.  I was named after Bob Dylan.  Thanks, mom and dad.

How old are you?
21 until August 28th.

Are your eyelashes real?
Yes, they are great... until one falls into your eye.

Is your hair naturally curly/straight?

How long does it take to do your hair?
When I wear it curly it takes 5 minutes, when I wear it straight it takes 25 minutes.

How tall are you?
5'8 1/2"

Why did you go to the College of William & Mary?
I went to the College of William & Mary (Williamsburg, VA) even though I am from Minnesota because I wanted to go to school out-of state in a more temperate climate, I got a pretty nice academic scholarship, and the reputation of William & Mary is great... it is the 2nd oldest college in the US and its marketing program is consistently top-ranked.

Why did you start "All Dolled Up"?
I started my blog as a way to get some writing experience, as I originally wanted to go into fashion journalism.

What are you doing now that you're graduated from college?
Living in my parents' basement, watching tv, and eating cheetos.  JK.  I have been interviewing all over the place, working out, seeing friends & family, going to movies, the beach, the pool, shopping, blogging, and traveling.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
I would love to be a retail buyer, own a palm tree, be in head-over-heels love, be happy, be healthy, and have visited Hawaii and Santorini.

What was it like to intern at Marie Claire in NYC?
True Life: The Devil Wears Prada

Are you single, if so, why?
Yes, I am until I have a reason not to be!

What is your "type"?
Basically I like someone who is fun to talk to, funny, playful, active, athletic, adventurous, genuine, humble, protective, taller than me, and a total gentleman.  Simple, right?

What were your longest/shortest relationships?
Longest: almost 3 years, Shortest: 3 months

How many siblings do you have?
I have one sister, Colleen, who is 23 years old.

What are your hobbies/interests when you're not in school?
People watching, working out, being in the sunshine, going for long walks, going to the lake, boating, playing with puppies, going to movies, shopping, trying new things, going to church, exploring the Twin Cities, traveling, palm trees, taking pictures, and blogging.  I also just love talking to other people, hearing their stories and trying to build perspective and gain wisdom-- meeting new people is one of my favorite things to do.

What's your favorite TV show?
Chelsea Lately

What is the most adventurous thing you've done?
I studied fashion in the UK at the London College of Fashion for a semester and lived in a hotel type of thing on my own.  I survived on about 7 shirts, 2 skirts, 5 dresses, and 1 pair of jeans for the entire 4 months-- that was an adventure in itself.

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