7 Questions to Ask Yourself: Are you a good friend?

10:45:00 AM

My mom took some pretty interesting notes at church this weekend, per usual.  And I feel like these notes in particular were worth sharing.   The topic was "Someone Worth Following" in a 4-wseries about friendship.   And I think this can benefit anyone whether you are evaluating a friendship, a romantic relationship, or simply yourself.  Ask yourself these 7 questions.

1. Are you a do-gooder vs. a do-badder?  Character always leads.
2.Are you trustworthy? They will keep everything "safe" that you share with them.  Withdraw from people you discern are unsafe.  Unsafe people will use you and then leave you.  Choose friends that nurture your soul.
3.Are you consistent?  The potential friend should love you at all times and are truth-tellers.  They speak truth in love.
4.Are you humble?  They are faithful, available, teachable, and they don't think they are always right.  They think they are a "work in progress."
5.Are you a gracious talker?  They are not drama kings or queens.  They have a pure heart and speak gracefully.
6.Are you a sincere advisor?  We sharpen each other. 
7.Are you respected by trusted people?  What would my Godly advisors, friends, or family think of this person?


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