10 Tips for Wearing Bright Neon Pants or Shorts

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Neon shorts and pants no longer have that woah-look-at-her shock factor.  This previously "loud" trend has transitioned into a "no-big-deal" trend.  So, are you ready to jump on board?  Maybe you're still hesitant?  Let me give you a few tips/tricks to help you rock neon bottoms with bottomless confidence. 

 Feel like you have lumpy legs?  Solution: Choose a thicker fabric.  Thicker fabric has more structure to smooth over your legs rather than settle into every hill and valley.  Since some neons have a lot of white undertones, light reflects more off of the hills (creating shadows in the valleys), further emphasizing lumps and bumps.  Steer clear of neon jeggings or leggings, and go for a cotton denim with a 5-10% spandex. 

2.  Want to slim your thighs?  Solution: Choose a darker neon.  Rather than lemon yellow or light peach choose a more saturated neon blue, teal, purple, or coral.  Remember, darker colors are more slimming.

3.  What if you can't bare to plaster your thighs with neon?  Solution: Pick up a neon skirt!  Look to a skirt with a thicker cotton/twill fabric that will provide structure and lay over your hips rather than a lightweight jersey knit that will cling to your hips.  See pictures below.

4.  Feel like you're too pale to wear neons?  Solution: Choose bright over light.  Lighter neons with pastel undertones blend in with pale skin, washing you out. Brighter neons create more contrast against pale skin.  Moral of the story:  Brighter, more saturated neons better compliment a pale skin tone.

5.  Where can I get the best neon pants/shorts?  Target, Forever 21, and J.Crew (if you're looking to spend more money)

6.  Feel like neon pants make you look twice as big?  Solution: Go up 1 size.  The last thing we want is brightly colored sausage casing.  Not flattering.  (See pictures above, left vs. right)

7.  Can you mix neon bottoms with a black top?  Yes and no.  In general, neon and black look better when the black top is lighter weight and/or shows some skin.  Really heavy black fabricleather can be visually conflicting when paired with a light and bright neon.  See the pictures below, left vs. right.

8.  What can you wear on top?  There are options. You can color block by choosing a neon that is across from the color wheel or adjacent to the color of the pants.  OR of course you can go for white.  For cooler days or nights I LOVE pairing neon pants with a white cable knit sweater or white jean jacket.
9.  How do you mix colors? Choose colors in the same frame of brightness.  
For example, pairing highlighter yellow with navy blue is NOT the most visually pleasing.  Instead pair highlighter yellow with cerulean blue or a caribbean turquoise, both of which have more similar levels of brightness to the yellow.

10.  What do guys think of this trend?  NEWSFLASH: Guys are less likely to care about the color of your pants than they are the FIT of the pants.  If the neon pants make your booty pop then congratulations.  But, regardless of the color of the pants, if the fit is not flattering... well... consider an outfit change. 

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