Minnesota Bucket List Before Vegas! 30 Must-Do's

11:59:00 AM

It's official-- in less than 1 week I am moving to Las Vegas!!!!  I know I will miss family and friends a lot, but I am beyond excited for this opportunity and adventure.  Before I head out there were a few things on my Minnesota bucket list that I have to complete.  Some of them have already been done, but I think this is a pretty fun list of things to do, even if you live in Minnesota or are visiting Minnesota.

1. Mall of America.... Obviously #1

2. Happy Hour at Brit's Pub in Minneapolis

3.  Swimming in a lake

4.  Completing daily 5 miles with my puppy

5.  Lifetime Fitness daily for work outs

6.  A hair cut/style from Shayla at Rocco Altobelli in Minnetonka (I would recommend her to everyone!)

7.  Visiting G Mama in the nursing home
8.  A Twin's game
9.  Going to the Paul Michell album release party this Saturday-- RSVP'd here
10.  Filling my house with  bouquets of flowers from my mom's garden to surprise her

11. Extreme trampolining at Sky Zone in Plymouth or Stillwater

12. Antique shopping in downtown Hopkins

13.  Beach days at Lake Calhoun
14. Tubing down the Apple River (the Red Cedar River is fun, too!)
15. Taking my sister, Colleen, shopping
16. Como Zoo
17. Walking down Main Street in the tiny town I live in
18. Eating at Redstone Grill in Eden Prairie on a nice day
19. An outdoor concert
20.  A small town festival or parade
21. Sitting in the steam room at Lifetime Fitness
22.  Stella's rooftop in Uptown
23.  Chino Latino in Uptown

24. A Drag Show at Gay 90's in Minneapolis
25.  Getting all photos printed from camera and starting with a fresh sim card26. Church at Westwood in Chanhassen
27. A county fair!
28. A night of beach volleyball
29.  Sitting at a bonfire
30. Swing dancing in the Wabasha Street Caves (see video)


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