5 Things I've Noticed Since I moved to Las Vegas!

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I just moved to Las Vegas to start my new job!  I left Minnesota on Tuesday around noon, drove through Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Idaho, Arizona, and finally arrived in Nevada on Thursday morning.  It was a 26 hour drive.  Once we arrived we went apartment shopping and visited about 5 different places.  I signed on an awesome 1 bedroom apartment that I can move into next Saturday.  Until then my home is this hotel-- the breakfasts here are amazing though, so I can't complain!  

We did a lot of shopping for apartment things, a bed, and more work clothes.   On Friday we spent our night on the Strip... but we spent a lot more time there than we intended.   Lesson Learned:  Always check your oil after a road trip, even if you're not close to being due for an oil change.  

I dropped my mom off at the airport last night, and I'm officially on my own!  Here are 5 things I have noticed since arriving in Las Vegas. 

1. My hair is way more manageable, thanks to no humidity. 

2. Never go through a green light on the las vegas strip if there isn't enough room for your car on the other side of the intersection.  

3. Parking is free everywhere.

4. There are a couple of new favorite stores that I love love love... one being "Hottie." 

5. Just because the car next to you has a limo tint on their windows... it doesn't mean they are famous.  

Alright, now I'm off to go try out a church :)  Please keep me in your prayers as I start work tomorrow!

Love, Dylan

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