Flat Iron Face-off Winner: BaByliss Pro

11:00:00 PM

Why am I writing about flat irons?  Borrrrrinnggggg, right?  WRONG.  Flat irons are fricken exciting!!!! ESPECIALLY if you live in an area with low humidity like Las Vegas.   I've lived in Minnesota, Virginia, London, and New York, all of which have high humidity.  For a curly girl like myself, humidity is pretty much from the devil.   Now that I live in a dessert climate my hair holds it's style all day long!   That means I don't have to straighten and re-straighten my hair multiple times a day, which means LESS DAMAGE!  Yay!  So I wanted to maximize on this healthy-hair kick and show you all my favorite flat iron because, well, I don't think this baby gets enough credit!  
I used to be a Chi-addict.   I loved my Chi for the first few months... but then I realized it was simply infatuation.   The initial excitement wore off.  I found little things about him, I mean it, super annoying.... the cord tangled up, the temperature only had 1 setting, and I became impatient with the 45 minutes it took to straighten my hair.   I tried out several options, including the GHD, and after reading review-after-review I settled on the BaByliss Pro with 1 3/4" plates, temperature control, and a super cute icy blue color.   This is the BEST straightener I've ever used in the past 10 years.  It's large plates straighten my hair in 20 minutes, it never snags my hair, you control the settings, and the cord is super long!  You can find the BaByliss Pro at ULTA and JCPenny stores if you want to try it out.  The warranty is awesome, by the way.  In fact... I recently dropped my beloved BaByliss in the locker room at Lifetime Fitness... and...uh... broke it.   Oops! BUT, they sent me a new one for FREE within 2 weeks.  I highly recommend this straightener! 


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