Stressed? Advice from My Mom.

11:22:00 AM

I recently moved to Las Vegas for a new job, and I started work just 3 days after arriving in the city.   I was able to find an apartment, but I lived in a hotel for a week before it was ready.  I moved in to the apartment last weekend, and by moving in I mean shoving all of the things from my VW Bug into the doorway of the apartment.  I've always dreamed of being able to decorate my own place how I want to, so I am taking my time to be thoughtful and do it right the first time. Nonetheless, it's stressful to come home and feel like you have a lot of "house work" to do.  I feel like I am married, minus the husband!  Here are my mother's words of wisdom via a Facebook message I received last night.  I think the principles can apply to most people dealing with stress.
Hope this helps you, too!
All my best,

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