Celebrating 22 Years in Las Vegas... Who would have thought?

1:53:00 AM

Today was my 22nd birthday! After 4 hours of sleep I woke up at 4:00 am to study for my new hire training test.  And yes, this is the same girl who spent the first few months of summer sleeping in until noon.  Oh snap.  The day was an amazing whirlwind consisting of an new hire exam, customer service phone calls, birthday cake, balloons, flowers, serenading from the Zappos chippendales, more phone calls, more cake, and happy hour. Thank you to everyone who showed me such love and kindness today.  I'm very blessed to have such a "family" of coworkers.  It's crazy to think that 1 year ago I was pent up in a house in Williamsburg, VA while the College of William and Mary was evacuated due to Hurricane Eileen.  Remember her?  That's right, a 21st birthday with no water, no power, and no AC.  That's what I call "roughin' it." And you wonder how I came up with 10 Reasons Why I Love NOT Camping.  Anyways, I had just begun my senior year of college.  I was done with my Marie Claire internship and was working at the Easy Spirit outlet.... yes, the shoe store that caters to "mature" ladies (sorry, mom).  If you asked me a year ago where I saw myself today, I never thought that I would be living in Las Vegas.  I never thought that I would be single.  And I NEVER thought that my hair would be this long.  Let's just say, I feel very fortunate.  What is even more exciting?  All of these blessings come from the Lord.  Here are a few photos from my life so far in Las Vegas and at Zappos.com.   More updates and blogs to come soon!

Boating on Lake Mead with my new friend.
Aquapalooza on Lake Mead
Brunch at the Boulevard Pool at the Cosmopolitan.
Marquee Dayclub!


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