25 Ways to Go Above & Beyond for a Girl

2:07:00 AM

1.  Mail her a letter.   Live 5 minutes away?  Still do it.  Extra points right there.
2. Leave her a note or flower on her car.

3. When on the sidewalk, walk on the side closest to traffic.

4. Open her car door.

5. Get the bill.

6. When on a trip/vacation without her, buy her something that reminds you of her.

7.  If it's raining, go get the car in the parking lot and pull it up to the door.

8. Let her order first when the waiter/waitress comes.

9.  Offer to put her cell phone or lip gloss in your pocket when you go out dancing.

10.  Rather than always saying, "I don't care, what do you feel like doing?" offer her suggestions or options.  Otherwise, to her, it sounds like you don't care about spending time with her.

11.  Ask her about her family and stay tuned into what is new with them.

12.  Remember her favorite color, favorite candy, and favorite song.  Boom, you're set.

13.  Teasing CAN be playful and fun, but NEVER tease her about something before knowing it's not a sensitive issue. 

14.  Driving?  Don't forget to ask if she's hot/cold. 

15.  Slow dance with her when there's no music. Total Notebook moment right there.

16.  The simple 4 word question, "How do you feel?" goes a LONG way.

17.  Rather than getting her attention by "Hey" use her name or something sweet like "Babe" or "Beautiful."

18.  Suprise her at work with lunch.

19.  In the check out line? Pick up a new issue of her favorite magazine.

20.  Walking next to her and notice she's struggling in her heels?  Shorten your stride, bro.

21.  Carry her if her feet hurt. 

22.  Use the phrase, "Don't worry about it, I'll take care of it."

23.  Treat her friends as if they're your friends AKA be extra nice!

24.  Give her that extra 10 minutes to get ready without complaining.

25. Figure out her Love Language and do it. 


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