Things I Would Eat If I Was a Guy, Part III

11:19:00 PM

It's kind of funny, because at my work I have already been pinned as "the healthy eater".... which is true...... about 90% of the time.  But the other 10% of the time I completely indulge.  If the things in these photos had no calories, OR if I had the metabolism of a 13 year old boy, I would totally opt to live off of sweets.   Unfortunately, neither is the case, and I will just have to indulge in the images.  If you notice, there is a common theme: chocolate and sugar.  Thank God for self-discipline!  Coming soon.... my favorite eating tricks/tips and how to keep the calories down, but still be healthy, full and satisfied!  Click here for Things I Would Eat if I Was a Guy, Part I and here for Things I Would Eat if I was a Guy, Part II!!

What do you think? 
I don't think I could even pick a favorite..... ahhh omg.

With Love and Self-Control,

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