Today I'm Thankful For: Letters From My Sister

1:41:00 AM

I don't believe I'm lucky.  I believe I'm blessed.  This week I want to focus on those little things that I'm oh-so-thankful for and sometimes take for granted.  Today, I'm grateful for the cards and letters that my sister, Colleen, sends me.  Colleen is 24 years old, but suffered cardiac arrest at age 15, and she is now with brain damage at the cognitive level of a 10 year old.   Colleen is the single most inspiring person I know.  She re-learned how to walk, talk, eat, and write.  Her joy radiates through her giggle, her smiling eyes, and her sisterly advice.  She is a wise one.  Colleen's notes always seem to come at the most timely, relevant moments.  Her two most recent notes below represent her well. Colleen means a lot to me, and for her life I am thankful.



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