10 Tips to Help YOU Create Your OWN Stability

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Stability.  I never take it for granted.  When I have stability I am thankful for it, and when I don't have it, I seek every avenue available to create it.  I'm a Virgo.  I plan things.  I schedule.  I make lists.  I crave stability. 

Everyone experiences instability, especially during high school, college, between jobs, or between relationships.  I want to share some of my little personal tips that have really helped me in the past few years.

1. Have the same thing for breakfast every day.  I know what you're thinking.... "This girl can't be serious." But this really works!  Do you ever feel like you're hungry, but you don't know what you want?  By limiting the number of options and planning what you'll eat you create expectations that you can rely on.
2.  Subscribe to something.  Whether it be Birchbox, Little Black Bag, a newspaper, your favorite magazine, a podcast, a Youtube channel, or even someone's Facebook profile (if you're into that sorta thing).  By receiving something regularly, you're establishing a source of stability. 
3.  Be domestic 1 day a week, minimum.  Being stressed isn't an excuse for being dirty.  Seriously.  Set aside a "domestic day" for all of those household chores, dishes, cleaning the bathroom, doing the laundry, and so on.   Put it on your calender. A clean environment gives your mind a clean slate.  If you're really overwhelmed, get a cleaning lady.
4.  Create mini traditions that don't involve other people (i.e. my "Starbucks Sundays").   When your plans involve other people, you're at the mercy of their ability to follow through.  Not to say you should be anti-social, but you should do activities on a regular basis that you enjoy doing on your own.  Some ideas are car washes on Saturday mornings, manicures on Mondays, bubble baths on Thursdays, extreme couponing on Wednesdays, or pancakes on Sunday mornings.   Keep it simple.
5. Choose your outfit the night before.  There is nothing better than falling asleep knowing what you'll wear tomorrow.  It simplifies your morning.  We have all experienced the "closet tornado" that leaves us with a huge mess to clean up after work.
6.  Find comfort in a higher power, EVERY DAY!  Some check their daily horoscope.  Some rely on stale fortune cookies.  And some keep a bag of Dove chocolates on hand.  While those sources might give us clever little quips, I've found the most helpful wisdom in the free daily Bible verses texted to my phone.  Sign up at www.blessedtexts.com.  I've gotten these for about 4 years now, and they're so helpful and convenient.
7.  Don't date complicated people.  A relationship should add to your quality of life, not drain it.  If you find yourself with a toxic parasite, you should seek treatment immediately.  I find that a strong dose of "it's over, buddy" works pretty well.
8. Keep your phone charged.  Do you ever find yourself snuggled in and falling asleep only to realize you forgot to plug your phone in.... but you really don't want to leave your bed?  Get up and do it.  Laziness today will only create stress for you tomorrow.  Foresee problems and prevent them.  "Semper Paratus" as the boy scouts say.... "Always Ready."
9.  Celebrate the changing seasons.  When our personal life consumes us, it's easy to forget that life goes on.  Seasons change.  We can choose to go with the flow or withdraw. Even during the year that my sister was in the hospital, life went on.  We cut down a Christmas tree.  We strung the lights.  We hung the wreath.  And, yes, we even set out the cookies and milk for Santa.  We know Christmas will happen.  We know 2013 will come.  Find peace in those known variables.
10.  Whiten your teeth.  If you're stressed or freaking out, you're likely consuming large quantities of acidic energy drinks, soda, or coffee.  I've been there, too.  For about a week in college I lived on Sugar Free Monster drinks and Tootsie Pops.  Sorry, mom.  But in all seriousness, white teeth can help you feel like you've "got it together."

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