25 Ways to Destroy Your Food So You Don't Eat It

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I know I'm not the only one.  Have you ever thrown something away so you wouldn't eat it? Chocolate, cheesecake, cupcakes, cookie dough, candy, soda, alcohol-- you name it.  Whether people give us these temptations or we purchase them, we know that consumption will inevitably lead to regret and perhaps a day of wearing stretchy pants.  Moderation, you say?  I would guesstimate that 85% of us lack that level of self-control.   So what do we do with this sweet sinful goodness sitting right in front of us?  Destroy it.  Ruin it. How?  With the help of 4 contributors (both women and men), I am providing you with 25 ways!  

1.  Flush it down the toilet. 
2. Give it to your children.

3. Put it down the garbage disposal.

4. Drive over it with your car. 

5. Throw it into a dumpster that you wouldn't dive into. 
6. Mix water into it.
7. Crumble it up.
8. Tell your boyfriend to take it with him.
9. Bring it to the office or your workplace.
10. Give it to a dog.
11. Put dirt on it.
12.  Make a treat or meal with it to give to someone else.
13. Give it to a homeless person.
14. Leave it in the car so you will be too lazy to go get it.
15. Step on it with your shoes on.
16. Tell your husband/wife/roommate to hide it from you.
17. Put it in your garbage and put something gross on top of it.
18. Throw it out the window.... it's for the um, squirrels, right?
19. Dump salt all over it.  

20. Put that "Silca Gel" stuff that comes in new purses and shoe boxes on it.  Hello, poison!

21. Put sand in it. 

22. Squeeze Elmer's glue on it.
23.  Let someone who is sick/ill cough or sneeze on it. Lmao. This is getting ridiculous, right? 
24. Spray it with bug repellant or Windex.
25.  Dare someone to eat it all. Right then, right there. 

If you think this is absolutely nuts or concerning, check out this article from another blogger.  It was rather interesting! -->  Is there ever a reason to destroy your food?


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