34 Things You Should NOT Say to Your Partner on Valentine's Day

1:10:00 AM

1.  Ugh, so where do you see this thing going?
2. Oh, sorry, did think we were hanging out tonight?
3.  I'm kinda tired, want to rain check?
4.  Sorry but your mom is really annoying.  Like really annoying.
5. I want a divorce. 
6. I'm not sure how I feel about you.
7. Just so you know, I like you and everything, but I really don't believe in marriage.  
8. I was going to get you chocolate, but then I thought you probably shouldn't eat it.  I mean, um, wouldn't eat it.
9. I don't feel like this is going anywhere.
10.  I refuse to be one of those sappy couples. 
11. There's someone else.
12. It's not you, it's me.  No really, it's not you. 
13. I know you don't really know me, but I think we'd be perfect together.
14. What happened to us?  We used to be so in love.
15. Let's just be friends.
16. Babe, come on. You know I hate PDA.
17.  I love you, Jessica.  Uh, I mean, Rachel. 
18. I just don't know about us anymore....
19.  My baby sister and her boyfriend got engaged!  Honeyyyy, isn't that awesome? Engaged!  Oh-em-gee she's so luckyyyy!  SO jeal!  Did you know she's 5 years younger?  Ehem. 
20. Let's take a break.  Like just for tonight. 
21. Guess what just happened?  My ex just broke up with their girlfriend...!
22. Just so you know, I don't really believe in Valentine's Day.
23.  So last year on Valentine's Day my ex girlfriend.... 
24. Hypothetically, which ex would you take back?  Come on I thought we could be open with each other.
25.  Sorry, I kind of have other plans tonight.
26. Let's skip Valentine's Day this year. 
27. Hang on, my ex just texted me.
28. I need to get something off my chest.... 
29.  I've never been as happy as when I was single.  No offense.
30. Don't take this the wrong way, but last night I had a dream that I cheated on you.
31. I just don't want to lead you on.
32.  I'm surprised we made it this long.
33. Remember how much fun we used to have?
34. Wait, is today Valentine's Day?
Love Love Love,

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