Perfect Sunday: My Cousin, Brunch, and Career Wisdom!

5:45:00 PM

Happy Sunday, everyone!  This weekend my cousin, Paul, was in Las Vegas, so Seth and I met up with him for brunch.  Paul is the President of Strategic Adventures, which offers business development services and consulting for adventure businesses and adventure service operators.  It's always inspiring to see someone doing what they love, having lots of flexibility, and looking happy and well-rested after years of work.  You think, "Wow, they must be doing something right!"  And Paul brought up an interesting point as I see a lot of people starting their own business or joining a start-up.  We are constantly told to do what we love and the money will follow.   But Paul highlighted that, "Do what you love, and the money will follow.. as long as other people love it, too!"  While it may seem simple, that last part is often lost when an entrepreneur's personal passion is the only driver.  Great advice, Paul!

PS. Don't forget to watch the Grammys tonight!

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