The Sweetest Gift Ever: Lace Boot Toppers

6:27:00 PM

This year for Christmas my mom did something really really special.  She went onto my Pinterest (which you can follow here) and saw that I had pinned a photo of this lace-boot-topper-thing (right).  I thought they were super cute and unique.  My mom went to the person's blog to find out how to make them, found a website that sold 6" stretch lace, and made them for me in 4 different colors-- black, cream, blue, and purple.  I was totally surprised when I opened the package-- I had no idea she even knew about Pinterest. It was so thoughtful of her.  Today it was almost 70 degrees in Las Vegas, so I wore them layered with tall socks, my BCBG boots, and a lace skirt to church!  I love them.  My handsome man even complimented them-- and if a guy notices something that small then they must be cute, right?  And if you ever want to make them yourself all you need is: 1) extra wide elasticized lace, 2) a needle and thread, 3) a sewing machine or serger, 4) scissors, and 5) buttons, bows, ribbons, or anything else to glam them up.

Thanks, mom, you're the best! 


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